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The college process is stressful. Most families feel burdened with so many steps and decisions to be made, and in many cases, those decisions are made without the necessary knowledge.

College statistics are staggering – our national four-year graduation rate is at an all-time low of 41% and the freshman to sophomore attrition rate is over 33%. Let us show you how to beat these odds. Finding the right college means academics, social, and financial fit. These courses are designed to help lay out a path to success. 

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College Admissions Planning

Get off to a productive start. Learn the timelines and strategy for finding your ideal school.

Finding the 'Ideal Fit' College

Finding an ideal fit school can change your college experience. Learn how to match your student with their ideal fit.

Avoid Paying Retail for College

College costs are expensive, but they are negotiable as well. Learn how to find the best price for your student

Resources We Trust

As you conduct your college search, you'll be offered lots of advice. Here are some resources we recommend.

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