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Knowledge is Power. Share your knowledge while growing your community and educating your followers or employees. CognaPoint leverages the power of LearnDash LMS, WordPress, and Infusionsoft to provide a reasonably priced learning system for thought leaders and small businesses.

Share Great Ideas

Share Great Ideas

Wisdom is hard earned. Wisdom shared creates power; but not shared is wasted. CognaPoint let’s you share the wisdom you’ve generated following your passions. Let us help you turn that wisdom into power.

Teach Effectively

Train Effectively

Every business has a need to train their employees, clients, and vendors. The more consistent and efficient that process is, the more success your organization will achieve. CognaPoint provides the structure so you can educate and then engage your world.

Learn and Succeed

Learn & Succeed

What do you need to know? What do you need others to know so they can better understand you? CognaPoint provides you an easy, no strings attached platform for teaching, training, and influencing the world.

Learning Expanded

Most likely, educating is either a passion or a responsibility. Learning is the key to today’s connected economy. The business that educates finds more opportunities, better customers, and a more efficient operation. Knowledge is a commodity that pays great dividends.

The result is that for many businesses education is either a passion or a necessity. Regardless of where you fall on that scale, the mechanics of educating need to be easy to manage, efficient, and strategically beneficial. We’ve designed CognaPoint to excel in each area.

Easy to Manage

CognaPoint is a ‘done for you’ platform. You provide us with your materials and we assemble them into the eLearning software. This eliminates the technical hassles and learning curve of other ‘do it yourself’ systems. Want to edit or modify your content? No problem. You’ll have full control to add, modify, or delete anything you like.


CognaPoint will provide an easy registration process that can either be open – where users register themselves, or closed – where you register your users who are then given access. Once a user logs in, they have access to the courses assigned to them. As they progress, they’ll automatically be updated to the next level or content. At any step along the way, you can be notified that a user has completed a course.

Strategically Beneficial

CognaPoint is built on several very powerful software engines. These programs monitor all user activity and have the ability to provide:

  • Email drip campaigns upon completion of a course
  • Instructor notification upon completion of a course
  • Certification of completion to user
  • Free and premium courses
  • Digital downloads
  • Upsell campaigns triggered upon registration or completion of a course

Want to see CognaPoint in action, register for an online demonstration. We’ll be happy to show you how the system works in person.

Take a Look Behind the Scenes

Take a Look Behind the Scenes

Would you like to learn more about how CognaPoint works? Would you like to see behind the scenes so you can determine if this is the right platform for you?

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