Conquering Debt

Learn how to make your money work for you, not others.
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Don’t Let Debt Own You

Debt can be a monster. But it can also be useful. Learn the difference between good debt and bad debt. Also learn how to convert bad debt into wealth quickly and painlessly.

These eCourses are designed as informational programs to help individuals, students, families, and business owners conquer the challenges of debt.

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Conquering Debt

Learn how to get out of debt by addressing the issues that cause it.

Living Interest Free

Imagine using ‘other people’s money’ without paying crazy interest. It’s possible, learn how.

Student Debt

College graduates are being eaten alive with Student debt. What can be done?

Debt and the Business Owner

Debt is tricky for business owners. Know how to use debt effectively and gain advantage.

Your Instructor

Meet James (Jay) Beattey IV. Jay is a financial guru who works with consumers, business owners, and financial professionals to help them understand debt and how to leverage it to their advantage. Jay is the author of two books on investing and retirement strategies. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and educating audiences of all sizes.